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Environmental Graphics

Marquette University

Milwaukee, Wisconsin​


The first new residence hall in 50 years, LP/ws Design Studios was asked to create an environmental branding system tying together the values of the university and the Father Wild story all while creating a home-like feel. Resulting from this, the tie to Jesuit practices brings together the design, taking from “Go Forth and Set the World On Fire” to inspire a system started by an individual spark. Igniting from this, the rest of the patterns are made from this single icon, which forms larger patterns throughout the space.


Alongside this, a series of columns tell the story of Father Robert S.J. Wild, and his involvement in the Marquette community as president.

Telling the Story

Utilizing warm, desaturated colors, the space maintains a relaxing, warm feel. Wood and metal accents add to this. Through this usage of color and materials, a home-like feel is transposed into the physical environment. This can be seen throughout the environmental graphics.

Incorporated throughout, patterns consisting of the same spark symbol manifest cut out of metal, engraved into wood, and repeated on wall coverings. Abstracted, these do not directly communicate faith without reading the keys, allowing for the pattern to elegantly warm the space, while subtly reminding students to go forth and set the world on fire.

erin burkard

Seattle, Washington


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