Sketching Milwaukee

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

With time in Milwaukee quickly dwindling, getting out with friends to say good-bye has been a frequent and repetative task. As one may guess, one full of joy, but also a bit of sadness.

Asides for saying good-bye to people I know, this also means visiting many of the coffee shops, restaurants, and locales which fueled my life throughout college as I prepare to head to Seattle for a last time. While Seattle harbors much of the same infrastructure I require to keep my creativity fueled, one cannot dismiss the inherent comfort in visiting familiarity - Stone Creek, Kickapoo, and the like in my case - when looking for a place to work. It's part of what creates home.

As with many designers, this process of collecting memories is one of multiplicity.

Job site visit? Quick iPhone photos.

Thoughts for a project? iPhone notes or the nearest writing surface.

Time to kill, while carying supplies? Sketching.

With time to kill, and supplies aplenty, sketching has been in order over the last several weeks to capture memories, and take breaks from the monotony of sorting through the clutter that will not fit in 4 suitcases.

Barnes and Noble - Mayfair Mall

When hanging out with other friends who are designers for an afternoon at the mall, one does not simply just shop. One must take a sketch break.

To the unwitting civilians who ended up as huminoid forms in these pages, thank you for your unknowing welcome into my sketchbook.

Stone Creek Coffee - Downer Cafe

Again, thank you to the civilians who ended up in this digital painting.​


Kickapoo Coffee - Third Ward Cafe

Again, thank you to the civilians who ended up in this digital painting.​


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Seattle, Washington


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