PLTW Offices

Space Inviting Interactive Passage





Interior Architecture and Design, Environmental Graphics


Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Hidden in the basement of Todd Wehr Campus Center, the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) offices become lost to the public eye. In need of a destination rather than a place to walk by, the client reached out in need of creating a branded office space which would invite people to interact with PLTW, and learn about the program.


Through opening the space up to the corridor, a path through the office space is created, inviting students to come in and work in the lounge space, opening the opportunity for visual interaction with PLTW. Through this interaction, curiosity can be fostered leading to direct interaction with the program. Further utilizing eye-level environmental graphics to draw the eye through the space, these end at the production space where high school students can work on projects.

Create Community

By opening the space, the opportunity to create public seating and workspace is created, allowing for students to maintain an active presence in the area. Through this passive interaction, students will be able to actively watch processes that happen within the program and learn more about it.


Taking down existing walls and creating a circulatory short-cut, students and other visitors are given the option to directly interact with the spaces instead of having to walk around the outside of them.

Visual Interaction

Allowing for windows to view into the PLTW workroom, the process becomes something that can be seen by the public as it happens, while providing the space for the process to get messy. Office areas reflect this openness, utilizing semi-transparent vinyl with an enlarged graphic of the PLTW atom to help give privacy to the people within these spaces as needed.

erin burkard

Seattle, Washington


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