Additional Interiors Projects

Logic Stream

Designed for the HIMSS 2016 show, Logic Stream 

Jump Out!

Challenged to fit a traveling library for children into an existing shell used for tiny homes, the design seeks to create a space for children to get out their energy, and run around while interacting with staff, and having the opportunity to create and read. Additionally, the trailers were to be sustainable and meet Living Building Challenge standards.


Part of a larger group project, this was one of three trailers presented to the Milwaukee Public Library.


Located in an existing building, the MKE CO-OP is a bar, cafe, and shop combination project focusing on beer, Lake Michigan, and other Milwaukee related branding.

PLTW Reception

Low on budget, the PLTW Reception focused on utilizing the simplest means possible to enliven the entry space to an innovation center at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE). Utilizing various wood boxes to display project work and news, the squares lead the eye around the room. New furniture also creates the opportunity for group collaborative space.

erin burkard

Seattle, Washington


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