Legal Group

Designed a member of LP/ws Design Studios





Interior Architecture and Design​



Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Working with LP/ws Design Studios, this Legal Group presented the challenge of re-utilizing a Victorian mansion, and transforming it into an office space. A fun, modern, and energetic client with a bold personality, displaying intelligence and a warm sense of humor, while respecting the original style of the mansion became important for this project, as well as respecting the professionalism of legal practices.


Refinishing the existing trim throughout the spaces to give it a modern flair, traditional wood mouldings accompany contemporary trim patterns contained within door frames, kitchen cabinets, and custom millwork. Wallcoverings and paint are simple, yet rich in tone.

Modern Bazaar

Connecting the two sides of the restaurant, one walks through the bazaar, which draws down the height of the ceiling, creating stall like forms and alluding to the open markets of the middle east where spices, carpets, and other goods are sold. 

Family Culture

Separated from the bar and hookah lounge, the bazaar and private dining remain for families, allowing them a cozy dining area, without having to participate in the other activities.

erin burkard

Seattle, Washington


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