Additional Graphics Projects

Petal Application

Designed as an app to help architects, interior designers, and related professionals to educate themselves, as well as their clients on the Living Building Challenge, Petal maintains a clean and simple interface to allow for quick use, and to focus on learning methods from past projects for achieving the Living Building Challenge.

Rock You!

An exhibit for the Milwaukee Art Museum, Rock You! looks to the album art of the 80’s and 90’s rock genre, tying in post-modernist design from the time to tell the story of this era.


A seasonal installation for the REI Flagship store in Portland, Oregon, Downhill is a human-scale timeline which spreads across the storefront. Utilizing transparent vinyls, this would be applied during the winter season.

EUA Internal Flyers

Completed while working as an administrative intern at Eppstein Uhen Architects, the following flyers were created to be fun, festive, and exciting to the employees while still conveying the EUA brand.

erin burkard

Seattle, Washington


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