707 Hub Chair

Designed as a Member of LP/ws Design Studio





Branded Furniture Design

Marquette University

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


At the intersection of innovation and a Jesuit university is the Marquette University 707 Hub. A center focused on social entrepreneurship, innovation, and business development, LP/ws Design Studio was approached to design a chair for the hub which was opening Henke Terrace in the fall of 2018. Meant for this specific patio, the chair was to be durable, be comfortable to sit on while working or conversing and help add to the identity of the 707 Hub.


Taking inspiration from the history and design of the 707 Hub, the chair designs each carried a unique story, harkening back to forms or ideas from the 707 Hub interior.

The Spirit of Innovation

Focusing on the 707 Hub's primary concepts and goals, each chair concept was developed in response to a different idea, while still taking consideration of the larger Marquette University brand.

Network Chair

Consider an individual a single point. Two individuals connected through a relationship creates two points connected by a line. Building from here, a form of triangulation connecting people is created, visually representing the idea of a network, and how interconnected we all are through people.

Spark Chair

Every idea has a birth point. Some refer to this moment as the "spark of an idea". Inspired by this moment, whether through a great discovery by an individual or through the collaboration of a group.

Process Chair

The space the 707 Hub inhabits has been built up over many years. Layers of terrazzo and plaster once covered up have again been revealed since the team renovated and moved in. Inspired by the ability to see how a space changes over time to tell a different story, but is still connected to the past, this chair takes from a basic form, and builds it up, merging it, and reducing it.


After narrowing down to two design directions, we collaborated with the fabricators to develop the design, and produce prototypes. 


Pictured below are the two prototypes, the Network chair on the left, and the Spark chair on the right.

erin burkard

Seattle, Washington


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